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Three Rivers League will once again participate in the OISRA Racer Sportsmanship Program. This program aims to encourage and acknowledge classy, congenial, and good sportsmanship on (and off) the hill. Ultimately, the program's vision is to yield a generation of skiers who continue to uphold the program values and participate in the sport through adulthood and to generations to come.

Participation will require these three elements:

1. A willingness by the racer to participate in the program.

2. Knowledge of 'Your Responsibility Code' (on-mountain rules).

3. Exhibiting good sportsmanship actions and attitudes throughout the competitive season.

Coaches, assistants, race officials, and gatekeepers will monitor and make note of exemplary competitor conduct on race day. A season-long scoring system will tally the merits earned, resulting in an eventual winner at the end of the season.

Prizes will be awarded for the top ten athletes who have earned the most amount of points during the current racing season.

Prizes will be awarded for the top ten athletes who have earned the most amount of points during the current racing season.

Prizes will be awarded for the top ten athletes who have earned the most amount of points during the current racing season. In addition, the Annual Outstanding Snow Sportsperson Award (OSSA) will be awarded at the end of the season to the top boy and girl of each league within the OISRA who exemplify positively and exhibit virtuous snow sport oriented behaviors.

One point will be earned for each good sportsmanship action. An additional point can be earned for the athlete's knowledge of the responsibility code. Consequently, this means that parents, volunteers, and coaches need to be familiar with the rules as well.

Scoring cards will be available to all coaches, parents, race officials, and gatekeepers on race days inside the lodge at the check-in table. Please take a handful with you each morning of race day and keep them in your pockets. As you become aware of good sportsman-like conduct on the hill, please stop that individual, ask for their name and ski team, and ask them a few question that are printed on the card, and then fill out the card appropriately.

The cards should be either given to the Sportsmanship Coordinator, or returned to the check-in desk after the race is completed or email the information from the card that night or next day to:

Remember the fastest and easiest method to submit a nomination is to go immediately online from your phone or computer.

Thank you for your commitment and cooperation!

January 7, 2024
Mt. Hood Meadows



2017 was the start of a tradition, the Kelsey Hewitt Memorial Sportsmanship Race. This race is run in honor of Kelsey, a former OISRA ski racer, state qualifier, team builder, and wonderful sportsmanship example in her racing years of 2006 through 2009. Kelsey was a fun loving girl who was not too stuck on formality and this race reflects that. A unique format, multi-league, state wide, season-opening, fun race!

This race is planned to continue in perpetuity, inviting all Oregon racers to get their seasons started with a spirit of camaraderie and good sportsmanship for years to come. Kelsey, along with her father, Randy, founded her Grant High School team in 2005, qualified for state in all four of hear OISRA years, and made many friends. She went on to race for three seasons at the University of Colorado, and returned to help as an assistant coach during school breaks. She loved to hand out candy to the racers while cheering them on to do their best.

After graduation, Kelsey skied and worked at resorts in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. Kelsey lived a full life in her 25 years and had many passions, although nothing topped her passion for skiing. Tragically, she lost her life while powder skiing in December 2015.

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